Maddens Lawyers are the class action experts.

Obtaining compensation for groups of people impacted by large scale incidents is complex legal work. To date, Maddens Lawyers has successfully recovered millions in compensation on behalf of class action group members.

Our work in representing groups of people stretches back to the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires in Victoria. Maddens Lawyers issued more than 400 individual claims arising out of these fires and secured in excess of $40 million in compensation for victims.

Today, Maddens' Class Action Department continues working on behalf of groups of people impacted by large scale incidents across Australia.

The firm has been the driving force behind dozens class actions across Australia. Notable class actions include four proceedings arising out of Victoria's 2009 Black Saturday fires and the 2013 Blue Mountains fire in Springwood, which impacted more than 1,000 property owners. In 2020, Maddens achieved two of the top ten largest class action settlements in Australia arising from the 2015 Scotsburn fire in Victoria and the 2009 Walla Walla fire in New South Wales.

In 2022, Maddens Lawyers spearheaded the ‘Dr Lanzer Class Action’ on behalf of hundreds of cosmetic surgery patients suffering injuries and loss following surgery at one of Dr Lanzer’s clinics.

Maddens’ expert class action team is here to help.